Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New MANDATORY Class For High School Seniors

High school seniors sould be forced to take a MANDATORY class in current events/political issues to prepare them to make informed descisions as first time voters. The wall of ignorrance created by social media, technology, and reality TV needs to be penetrated to let the next generation know that their vote not only matters, but will most likely impact their quality of life as American adults. The class should be COMPLETELY non-partisan and REQUIRED to graduate. While we're busy trying to introduce democracy to other countries, at home, we aren't making sure that OUR next generation of voters are educated about the real issues that this country faces. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Then again I'm sure that it's a case of ignorrance by design brought to you by the top 5% wealthy. Informing the people would probably ruin their game of "real-life Monopoly." Do the at-home test: Ask 10 teenagers who our Vice President is, look at the results, and tell me my idea is terrible with a straight face.